Agile Valley Meet-up – ‘100 Deployments per day’ – Vodafone UK

Last night I attended the Agile Valley meet-up at Vodafone’s UK Headquarters in Newbury. The topic was ‘100 Deployments a day’ and was an homage to a talk given by the engineering leads at Flickr in 2009 called ’10 deployments’ a day.

Ben Connelly (Head of Digital IT for Vodafone) delivered the Keynote which talked about their journey from quarterly releases in 2016 through to now where they are deploying daily on demand. Ben explained how he and the team tried initially to mimic ‘The Spotify model’ but quickly understood that they needed to adapt to their situation and circumstances. They came up with a new mantra ‘Build It, Ship It, Love It’ which focused the engineering culture on getting great quality code to live as soon as possible. 

The meet-up then broke into smaller presentations that covered how Vodafone has approached Lean Portfolio, DevOps, and their AWS migration. These talks were much more focused on the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of the transformation. 

Overall the team at Vodafone appear to be doing a great job in their Digital space with their transformation and have some connected and switched on people at the helm.